Property Management

Every property on our rental roll is treated like our own investment property. We specialise in tailoring our service to your requirement so that you can have as much or as little input into the management of your property.

Our Property Managers are experts in:


Appraising the rental value of your property in line with the current market.


Advising you on maintenance requirements to alleviate deterioration and devaluation of the property as well as making suggestions for minor improvements to boost the property’s appeal.


Keep you up to date with market trends and the sale value of your property so you are full informed of how your investment is performing, should you wish to utilise the equity.


Becoming your eyes and ears. Through regular inspection we are able to communicate, both verbally and through photographs, the condition of your property, and where necessary, recommend a course of action.


The understanding that every day your property is vacant is more money out of your pocket. Therefore, the need to find the right tenant in the shortest time possible – and disburse rental income on time is always a priority.


Taking care of your tenant as well as your property so that they enjoy living in the property long term and treat the property with respect. We also instil in tenants the importance of alerting us promptly regarding any maintenance issues that may arise between inspections.

We do more than simply collect and bank the rent. We appreciate the value of your investment property, with our finely tuned systems and approach combining to ensure its ongoing protection and capital growth.

Wanting To Apply For One of Our Rental Properties?

All our rental applications are completed through T-app.

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Maintenance Requests

All maintenance requests are completed online through your Tenant Login on PropertyMe. In the event of an URGENT repair ring our office immediately on 0478 932 492.

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